Could not verify your code, please try again later.

I had trouble with my android device failing to connect so have uninstalled and reinstalled Freedome.  I now am unable to log back in using my three item subscription. 


Error message reads "Could not verify your code, please try again later"


Grateful for assistance please. 


  • Jaims
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    Hi @mab199 


    F-Secure Freedome VPN standalone, which is the subscription you have, does not require any login. 


    Kindly click here to read this KB article on how to activate using a code.

  • I know,  it's the code that doesn't work and sends me that error message. 


    Any suggestions anyone? 

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 657 Moderator

    Hi @mab199 


    We will need to verify if you are entering the code correctly. Have you tried doing the same on another device to see if that works?


    Please note that the FREEDOME Code looks something like this XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and not the reference number that looks like 1XXXXXXX in your invoice. 

  • Good morning, 


    Yes it's the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX format code I'm using.  It's working correctly on 2 other devices and was working correctly on this device until I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.  I don't have a 4th device to test it on and don't want to log out on either of my other devices in case I lose access which I require for work. 





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