Bought F-Safe, got the mail, how do I activate? Just made an account


I just bought 1 year of F-Safe, got the email, then made an account, I got the trial version although I paid for the full version.

How do I get what I paid for? I made the account after paying... So Idk???

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  • JaimsJaims Posts: 389 Moderator
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    HI @MineC 


    There is a chance that your F-Secure SAFE subscription would clash at login if you have used the same email address for both the paid susbscription and the trial version.


    By right, you should get an error during setup that "email address is already in use".


    If you insist on using the same email address, it is advisable to request for the deletion of the trial version to prevent mixup, else you may just use another email address but I would recommend the former.


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,605 Superuser

    It's all done through your SAFE Portal, so you need to login to there, then you can install / activate the product on your device(s).

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