How do I update my Portal account to show my Active Subscription?

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My F-Secure Freedome is working properly - no problems there. But when I log into the portal I get the message "your trial period has expired" as of 01/13/2019. In the Freedome app, it shows my subscription is active until 12/18/2019. How do I get my portal account to show my account as active?


Some background:
I originally bought a 5-device subscription Dec-12 2018 and 2 days later wished I had bought a 7-device subscription . I contacted cleverbridge Customer Support and upgraded to a 7-device subscription (This was accomplished by being issued a refund for the 5-device subscription and then I bought a 7-device subscription.) I received confirmation from Cleverbridge for the 7-devices subscription purchase and indeed have a working 7-device subscription.




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    EvenSteven Posts: 4 New Member

    Thank you, Jaims. That gives me  better idea of the purpose of the portal,



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