How do I update my Portal account to show my Active Subscription?

My F-Secure Freedome is working properly - no problems there. But when I log into the portal I get the message "your trial period has expired" as of 01/13/2019. In the Freedome app, it shows my subscription is active until 12/18/2019. How do I get my portal account to show my account as active?


Some background:
I originally bought a 5-device subscription Dec-12 2018 and 2 days later wished I had bought a 7-device subscription . I contacted cleverbridge Customer Support and upgraded to a 7-device subscription (This was accomplished by being issued a refund for the 5-device subscription and then I bought a 7-device subscription.) I received confirmation from Cleverbridge for the 7-devices subscription purchase and indeed have a working 7-device subscription.



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    Hi @EvenSteven 


    I can see your existing Freedome subscription is a 7-device license and it is a standalone.


    You can only be able to login to a portal and access your account if you have an F-Secure TOTAL or Safe, just as you have an expired SAFE account. Freedome only requires the code to activate the subscription after installation so there is no portal to login into. 




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