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I'm using the iOS Privacy Pro app along with Freedome VPN.  iOS indicates I'm using two VPNs (one for each).  Seems to work well together (both vpns work)


Any security problems with this setup? I notice Privacy Pro uses Cloudflare encrypted DNS which is ok with me and Freedome encrypts data and madks ip address.


I like Privacy Pro because it shows all the coonections my phone is making in the background but hope it doesn't interfere with FreedomeVPN security.  



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  • JaimsJaims Posts: 397 Moderator
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    Hi @JamesW 


    The honest truth is, one would dominate the other if both are used concurrently. Using multiple VPNs would require some extra configuration and it could also impact your internet speed.

    Our recommendation is to cancel the Privacy Pro SmartVPN subscription to avoid conflict but if it works for you, then fine but there is no security implication.


    You can read more from this article here.


  • JamesWJamesW Posts: 14

    Yes, initially the combination of Privacy Pro and Freedom vpn apps blocked my internet access.  I had to start Privacy Pro vpn first before Freedome to get internet access (they can mutually interfere if started at same time it seems). 


    Thanks for the response!

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