How to remove Safe from my kids Samsung Galaxy 6?


I noticed that Safe does not work in my kids Samsung Galaxy 6. All seemes to be ok, however kid is surfing in the Youtube for hours without any limitations jumping on.


Once again same problem that with previous ScreenTime application! Useless software, in the end of the day. Smiley Sad


Now I truly want to remove Safe totally from my kids phone. I tried to change the user, but can't log in to kids phone Safe: it tells now that MY user licence cannot be confirmed, please contact the application provider. Well, there was no anyone answering my questions on chat so here we are.


Safe is removed from my phone, but how to get it totally off from Samsung Galaxy 6? 




  • Ninochka
    Ninochka Posts: 3 New Member

    Ciao and thank you! A lot of good inforation.

    I sent you a private message in Finnish. :)


    Cheers, Nina


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