Updating Freedome on Google TV device!

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I have an Nvidia Shield TV and as we know, Freedome is not available on Play store for Google Android TVs.

So I have side-loaded Freedome to my Nvidia Shield and it "kind of" works OK. For example navigation does not fully work with the standard reomte control and a mini-keyboard has to be used if  the change of server/location is needed. But this is not a big deal and I rarely change servers.

My multiplatform Freedome license is valid for one device only.


Now to the questions:

1- In order to manually update the app (automatic update is not available), I have to download the latest apk from apkpure or a similar site. Now If I run the installation does the downloaded apk notice that I already have Freedome installed and  it updates it without me having to enter the license code again? Or do I lose the license info? And how does re-entrying the code work if I've used it once before on the same device?


2- Can the latest apk be downloded from the F-Secure internet site?


Thanks in advance!


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