Does F-secure own and control proprietary VPN-servers?

Hi F-Secure,


I have read your privacy and terms of use policy for F-Secure FreeDome VPN service as well as the information presented on your product page about F-Secure FreeDome. There is no information about key unique selling points when providing a VPN-service;


1) Does F-secure own/have it proprietary VPN-servers or are the servers and capacity rented from 3rd parties?


2) If F-secure does not have its own VPN-servers, who is your provider?


3) How many (physical) servers does F-Secure have/provide for VPN-use

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  • SethuSethu Posts: 719 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @Concerned 


    Pleaes refer this KB article describe what is F-Secure Freedome. When you start using F-Secure Freedome, your network traffic is handled in a very different way than before. F-Secure Freedome is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) product which takes over all the network traffic, encrypts it and routes it through the virtual location you've selected to use or which has been automatically selected by the product. Without Freedome, all your network accesses go directly to wherever you're trying to go.


    Click here to know more about our own dedicated virtual locations/servers for Freedome.


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    Hi F-Secure,


    Yes, I know what a VPN is, how it works and its purpose, however my question was if F-Secure own and control proprietary VPN-servers or if F-secure use 3rd party servers to provide F-Secure FreeDome VPN service?


    Looking forward to a reply to my question.




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    This is a very straightforward and simple question to answer!


    Does F-secure own and manage their own proprietary VPN-servers or not? If not who is the third party provider of servers to F-Secure?


    Awaiting your answer!


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    Hello F-Secure,


    The lack of answer tells me that F-secure does not own its own nor control VPN-servers (DNS) but merely rent them from one or more third parties. 

    Controlling the VPN-servers is a key and essential security topic. Any VPN-provider caring for  security and privacy should operate their own servers. 


    Can you please confirm how F-secure does it?

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    Hello @Concerned 


    At the moment, we can confirm that our Freedome VPN currently provides 30 available virtual locations. The list of physical servers and proprietary information have not being disclosed for confidentiality reason by our Freedome team.


    I will double check this with our Freedome team and will surely keep you updated.

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    Ok, awaiting your response.

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    Having read your answer once again, I am a bit concerned and confused. You refer to "confidentiality" as well as "proprietary information".


    Again, I am asking F-Secure if the company owns and control their own VPN-servers or if they use servers from 3rd party to provide the service. Using third party servers could impact privacy as well as security and I believe we should know how F-Secure is setup. Proprietary servers or rented by third party. This cannot be confidential to users of the VPN-service. If F-secure indeed does not own their own servers, mere renting capacity from third party, that should be reflected in the privacy as well as your security policy.


    Please feedback your response from the FreeDome-team as soon as possible.


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    Thank you for your reply. Not the answer I was hoping for but still, the question is now answered.



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