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I'm finding the My F-Secure portal a little difficult to use. First of all, it is so slow that I try my very best to stay away from it (it's not uncommon that a single page takes 10-20 seconds to load). Why is that?


Secondly, I'm trying to figure out how to change my account information. I have an old billing address and it says in the account settings "You can change your billing address and payment information in Orders and Payments", but when I go there, all I see is how to update my credit card; which I just did and it said nothing about my address.


Thirdly, I have never figured out how to work with the main view (/portal/welcome) with the big circle. I see my name with 7 registered devices there, and my wife's name with 0 devices. I'm assuming that this is information I once entered it when I first bought the product, but I can see no way to change it, edit the people, move devices or even remove people from the list? What is the purpose of it?


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    Hi @mgefvert 


    Let me address your concerns;


    I am not sure if other webpages are affected but if My F-Secure portal takes time to load, you may want to check another browsers or we will suggest that you clear cookies, cache and browsing history then try to access the page again.


    You can make several changes to your account from your end except for the billing address details which needs to be effected from our end due to some privacy regulations. Please contact our support vial live chat or call for this assistance. 


    Having your wife's name in the circle means you have invited her as a sub-user but no installation was done via that account. You might need to release the license and get her to install from her account, then her device will reflect beneath her name.



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