My F-Secure questions




I'm finding the My F-Secure portal a little difficult to use. First of all, it is so slow that I try my very best to stay away from it (it's not uncommon that a single page takes 10-20 seconds to load). Why is that?


Secondly, I'm trying to figure out how to change my account information. I have an old billing address and it says in the account settings "You can change your billing address and payment information in Orders and Payments", but when I go there, all I see is how to update my credit card; which I just did and it said nothing about my address.


Thirdly, I have never figured out how to work with the main view (/portal/welcome) with the big circle. I see my name with 7 registered devices there, and my wife's name with 0 devices. I'm assuming that this is information I once entered it when I first bought the product, but I can see no way to change it, edit the people, move devices or even remove people from the list? What is the purpose of it?


Thanks for any help




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