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My site is tagged as harmful with no specifics on exactly what on it is harmful. All I got on it is basic html pages. I haven't bothered to learn php scripting let alone having a clue how to make a virus or hack. So what ever got my site tagged as harmful is not my doing or fault. I go through free a hosting service which means I use a sub domain name. Most internet security brands tag sites by its main domain name. Many people create their own sites through free hosting plans which means if 1 person abuses it to make harmful sites, then everyone's site gets tagged as harmful too. Unfair but true.


  • mahaz
    mahaz Posts: 10

    well this is so but i guess you can take following steps if you find such warning in the search results of your site.

    1. There is no direct way to remove the warning at the earliest.
    2. File a request of review at http://www.stopbadware.org/home/review.
    3. Make sure your site is not infected with any badware.
    4. Check all the new scripts installed.
    5. Check with your host for any hacking attempts.

    I think this should help to let your site removed from the listing 

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