I cannot add exclusions to Deep-Guard

Char2 Posts: 1 New Member

I cannot add exclusions to Deep-Guard. When i try to add a file or folder it doesn't show in the list.

More than that, when I close 'App and file control'  I cannot  open it again and only killing the process in Task Manager helps me to open 'App and file control' again. I think it's some sort of bug.


  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    HI @Char2 


    In addtion to @Ukko 's contribution, we need to pay attention to why the App and File Control keep failing to relaunch after closing.


    Please check that you have cleared pending Windows Update and rebooted PC afterwards in an attempt to ensure that F-Secure SAFE is update date too. If this issue persists, do uninstall and reinstall SAFE and see if you can open and close App and File Control at anytime then try to exclude the file again.

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