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I have received a presentation cdrom and when I started it, deep guard prevented the starter program do run the cd and provided me with the following link


So I contacted the company who sent the cd and they got in touch with there vendor who claim that the blocked program does not contain any malware, but the virus scanner is either not up to date or does not consider whitelisted exceptions.


"Your virus scanner recognises a program which works similar to a virus. The 'malware' which was detected is called SecuRom protection from Sony."


According to the control center the virus database is up to date. What about the whitelisted exceptions the vendor is talking about? Is this something I can/need to configure?


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    Only commenting as a fellow community member but copy protection software does behave in many ways like malware. It's really to be expected behavioural scanners to detected as such. Considering how aggressive copy protections have become, I would personally classify them as potentially dangerous software. 

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