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When I read the explanations of this threat here : , I cannot understand how I can be sure that the parameters of my F-Secure Safe are good for automatic removal of this threat ?

Can you help me ?



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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Quoted words about "settings", perhaps, are about difference between F-Secure solutions and its builds.

    Usually, default level of settings is always about good enough state for automatic removal critical threats.

    Based on mentioned Online Help / Documentation:

    By default, the virus protection handles all harmful files immediately when it finds them so that they can cause no harm.

    Based on type of detected items (and additional information such as "where", "how") can be different options:

    - item is removed completely (but, usually, just quarantined);

    - F-Secure solution ask for your decision;

    - F-Secure block / prevent access to item (always need to read notification about);


    Allow-action is only for safe items (or that can not be detected / suspected by F-Secure solution on current minute).


    I cannot understand how I can be sure that the parameters of my F-Secure Safe are good for automatic removal of this threat ?
    Can you help me ?

    Thus, general advice is:

    ->> do not visit suspicious websites (or harmful / malicious ones);

    F-Secure should prevent access to known harmful and suspicious webpages. But good to care about it by own carefulness too.

    ->> do not open unknown mail letters with attachments (and to launch it);

    ->> do not launch / download suspicious and unknown executables and applications.

    ->> manually scan each item before launch (after downloading) in addition to enabled Real-time scanning.


    What about this exact example (Application.BitCoinMiner). Probably, item can be with different forms and, as a result, you need to be attentive. If there are any suspicions, then additional checks should be carried out.

    If this tricky item is known for F-Secure as harmful, malicious or dangerous - then item should be blocked. Thus, good to keep default settings "ON" or to tweak them by your own needs.


    For example, "Browsing Protection" module should be with enabled option for "block harmful" and "block suspicious" webpages. "Real-time scanning" should be "ON", enabled "DeepGuard" and manual scanning is about "Scan inside compressed files" and to "Scan NOT only known file types". Firewall is enabled and additional own F-Secure option "Prevent applications from downloading harmful files" is checked too.

    In addition, good to use "Banking protection" functionality; "Ratings / Reputation logos" for search results under search engines like Google / Bing. And so on.

    Tweaked setting is about more resources for certain tasks. Thus, default settings is OK (and, usually, enough) too.


    Anyway, sorry for my unclear reply and suggestions. If something is fully unclear OR if certain examples / steps for Settings are need for you - back with reply! I (or any other user) will try to provide more clear reply.

    Basically, F-Secure solution with good "Help" (built-in) and Online Help / Documentation:

    It is good place for information about "how to change settings" or what is stands for.



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    Hello @Ukko 

    Thanks for your usefull explanations.


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    @Sethu wrote:

    Hello @Kimmo13 


    Application.BitCoinMiner is a potentially unwanted application( PUA) that may use a computer's resources to generate bitcoin blocks without user's knowledge or consent. F-Secure Safe will typically raise a warning/notifying when files related to BitCoinMiner are found or running, to bring them to user's attention.


    There are some common symptoms as below when a computer is infected with Application.BitCoinMiner:


    Very high CPU( 80% of your CPU’s) and graphics cards usage.

    Program/ Application running slowly or Programs don’t launch as quickly.
    General slowness when using the PC.


    You can also double check by performing a full scanning computer.



    Hello @Sethu 

    Thanks for your explanations.

    The only problem is that on the threat description here

    this is not so clear :


    Automatic action

    Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it may allow the file to run, block it from running, move it to the quarantine where it cannot spread or cause harm, or ask you to select an action."

    It would be better to talk about default settings...

    Kind regards

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