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I forgot with what E-Mail address I registered my bought account.


I wanted to use my account on another computer, but all possibles emails I have don´t seem to be the one for which I bought. 

I have freedome running on one computer, but I cannot see the account email which with I registered. 

So my question is:
How can I recover my account without knowing the e-mail address? I allready used all email addresses I have with "forgot your password?" function, but no email ever arrives...

can you help?

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    I think that enough step is to contact official Support Channel:

    Chat, for example.


    In fact, need to provide more information about purchase (date, invoices or anything like this).

    Then, there should be some ID information under Freedome UI; Or can be visible for Support Agents during their "investigation".


    In addition, I think that email is needed (password; as requirement for login into account) only for F-Secure TOTAL solution (where Freedome is part of package).


    Otherwise, it is only voucher / activation key or licence key. Thus, good to doublecheck availability of any letters under your mail accounts about this information (rather than try to use "forgot password").



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