Monthly Mentions - May 2019

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Dear F-Secure Community Members,


Welcome to our Monthly Mentions and this edition is for May 2019. We are almost half way into the year and the summer holidays are fast approaching! Smiley Happy


For May 2019, we would like to look at members who have Authored the Most Solutions in the community for their posts. We have here -




Thank you for being there in the Community and helping everyone with your solutions.


With this, we also have a special mention for Tamas (@etomcat). During May, when few customers mentioned about BP disabled in FF v57 in this post, Tamas replied with more information about the topic and guided the customers about the issue. He also created this post in the Business boards to mention about this so everyone is informed of the ongoing issue. Thank you Tamas for your engagement and time; each of your contribution is really valuable.