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I was just in the middle of intence action when my game crashed to desktop because F-Secure IS 2012 wanted to inform me some mundane information about it's status.


When I'm playing games or doing something as intence I would like to put everything else on the background. As I can just close my emails and instant messengers I would also like to suppress notifications from my antivirus too just for the purpose to concentrate on what I'm doing.


I suggest you add some easy way to make F-Secure "disappear" while I'm playing and then come back when I'm not. This applies not only the popups and messages, but all the processor time consuming background tasks it does too if possible.

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    Hi thin,


    Thanks for your submission to our Idea Exchange.


    Already today your F-Secure Internet Security 2012 is extremely silent and notifies the user only when really needed. But you are correct, a better “do not disturb” mode would make sure we never notify the user when he is playing games or watching videos. We will consider this in our future versions.





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    Please ensure its ‘Fully Automatic’ if you do.


    as someone who has been playing MMO’s since 2000 its also extremely important to me that my AV/FW not interfere with my online gaming experience in any way.



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    Thank you for your suggestion! Our newest release, F-Secure Internet Security 2014, features a gaming mode Smiley Very Happy Read this article for more information:
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    Hi @thin

    This idea has been implemented and now in production.

    The Idea is now considered completed and closed!

    Thank you for your suggestion.

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