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-If you answered "no" (to suspicious updates)to the question nbr 6,the test claims i'm answered "yes" and starts advising me accordingly(windows)


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    For "I do not know" - tips state that the answer was "yes" too.


    As my initial answer during first time complete was "no" (since wording of ask is a bit strange. and it is not enough for "yes") - it is possible to suspect that it was initial concern of test. But then switched to another design. But it is not an explanation for "I do not know" = "yes". :)


    Thus, indeed just funny.

    // One more point: if all answers are incorrect (zero points) - then, tips are about valid user's answer ("no" for number six).

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    Hi @JOnes 


    Thanks for highlighting this. 


    We have raised this to the concerned team and we will revert once we have a confirmation from their end. 


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    Hi @JOnes 


    If you answer "yes, no, no, no, yes, yes, yes" you will get 100%. 


    However, we actually see what you mean and we believe this is a bug and not the normal behaviour as when we tested, it worked fine.


    We will investigate. Sincere apologies from us and will let you know once we have fixed this.

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    Eh,the "original issue" was that when you answer intensionally wrong(no) to the question nbr 6,the "test" claims you anwered "yes" and advises you accordingly,somewhat "funny" i quess..


    Btw. you'd be carefull with software updates not  being malware(q 6)  

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