Did ULAV give bluescreen

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A while I started getting these


Then googled and found this post


ZigZag3143 (MS -MVP)


These were related to fsni32.sys which is an F-secure Driver. I would remove it and replace with MSE.

Other old drivers

Afc.sys 2/23/2005 1:58:55 AM
PS2.sys 12/12/2005 8:26:59 PM
nvraid.sys 6/6/2007 3:34:41 PM
nvstor32.sys 12/7/2007 6:27:08 PM
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I went through my drivers and updated any that I could. I should mention my system is pretty old 2007 HP.fsni32.sys as part of my F-secure internet security through my internet provider, so I can't delete it. But 2015 F-secure should be available soon. I upgraded NVIDIA through their corporate website, but the two drivers mentions nvraid.sys and nvstor32.sys did not upgrade. Afc.sys is pretty old software that is not used, so I might just delete. PS2.sys has no update.

Also ran sfc/scannow which found some corrupt files and fixed the. As of now my blue screen error seems to have disappeared. Though restarting is still pretty slow, very slow, but that has always been the case, which is why put the PC to sleep.

Also discovered that my VPN software vpngate.exe had somehow become permanently running and hung, even after a restart. Had to go into Safe Mode and uninstall the software completely. Believe f-secure had something to do with that.

I believe there is still a bug in my network somewhere as the pc beeps that noise it usually makes when loading/unloading new devices, usb drives, or drivers. Will investigate this further.

Thanks for all your help.


Now I have



which look basically OK and not too old.

Running sustem file checker indicates there were some errors



The CBC.log is 44111 lines and too technical for me.

How can I attach it as an attachment?


I got the bluescreen three or fourtimes and then it stopped.

So the problem is currenly not there, but I am still curious why did I get those.




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    F-Secure Community, also, with examples of discussion about FSNI driver and BSODs. For example,

    My own latest experience about BSOD due F-Secure Network Interceptor was only about previous builds of fs protection and with some outdated systems. I did not receive anything later.


    But I decided to stop use F-Secure ULAV based on a lot of different troubles. Perhaps, occasional BSODs were one of them. I did not remember for sure.


    Maybe your experience is about certain configuration and limitations. For example, if it is Virtual Machine, if it is tricky hardware or so. I think that BSOD was during surfing web, browsing or watching youtube (for example). My latest experience was about BSOD during try to watch large youtube video (probably) or brief switch between some videos.


    I do able to recommend create a report under beta portal (when it will be accessible and safe) for ULAV project. With fsdiag and further information. What if it is not pinned to F-Secure ULAV solution, but to entire Ultralight core. Because if it is pinned to F-Secure ULAV only - then, maybe, it is known (unfixed) trouble.



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    Thanks Ukko.

    Really can't say your link helps as there had not been any HW or SW upgrades or installs when the problem started to occur.

    I can open a case and supply the fsdiags file if the problem reoccurs.

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    Yes it was not helpful. It is only as an example of "situation" (where fsnid driver indeed lead to BSOD; and where "fixes" are different. From own user's steps to 'fixed' / updated drivers from Support). And such situation can be even for hardware or software that are not upgraded (where such state is a reason for incompatibility with something else).


    In addition, I think maybe your system still can be with required logs or information about. For example, dumps after BSOD. I am not sure if fsdiag contain it, but possible to create fsdiag and manually search for any dumps or information under "Event Viewer" (Windows Journal).



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    Thanks Ukko.

    I shall leave further investigation until it occurs the next time.

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