F-Secure powers down PC after scan

F-Secure is powering down my PC at the end of a scheduled and manual scan. It doesn't create a log of the scan. The last successful scan with log was in April. is this a new option and how do I disable it, ot fix the problem.


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    Hello @Andrew70 


    Please try the following instructions to see if that solve the issue.


    1. Check and remove the conflicting software if any.

    2. Check for and install pending Windows Update if any.

    3. Perform  System Files Checker and Check disk.


    You can now perform  the Manual Scanning. Could you also check that selecting any folder (right click "Scan for Malware") to see if your machine still rebooting PC's?


    If none of the above fix the situation, you can try to uninstall and re-install the F-secure safe and check again.

  • Andrew70
    Andrew70 Posts: 2 New Member

    I have tried your suggestions and also re-installed F-Secure but still have the problem. Virus scan works Ok but full manual scan causes PC to power off after 15% of scan.

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    Hello @Andrew70 


    Since you have performed the re-installation steps and we need to check the logfile in order to find root cause of your PC's restarting during scanning issue.  We would recommend to get in touch with our F-Secure Support for further investigation.

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