does F-Secure Freedome block for windows update (windows 10 version 1903)?



Does F-secure Freedome blocks windows update? because then I have it turn on it could not find 1903 update but when I turn F-secure Freedome off It dound it in windows update and downloaded the update


Or am I have some settings wrong in my F-secure Freedome and F-sesucre-Safe? If It's block for windows updates? 

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    Hello @Marki 


    No, Freedome VPN doesn't block the windows update. Instead of turning Freedome VPN OFF,  you could try clicking the “Check for updates” button in your windows can opt you in to testing the latest windows update.


    However, please refer the Microsoft FAQ link in where you can click the first question" How do I get the windows update 10 May 2019 Update?"  to know more about Windows 10, version 1903.



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    You do make tests with all your produckt at the 1903 updates? becaouse it's a **bleep** update microsoft have made and there is a lot of programs and apps there isn't working

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    Hello @Marki 


    Typically, the Freedome VPN should work with all latest Windows Update. We haven't received any case till now. I will do check this with Freedome team and will keep you updated on further updates.

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