My site is rated harmful !?

Hi there,


I found out that my domain is rated harmful. Can you recheck again please because I believe it is pretty safe?


I did a report here but nothing really changes...


How long time does it take to rate it safe again because this is pretty bad reputation for no real reason?


Thank you for your time. I hope we fix this ASAP.




  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469

    I'm sure those are checked by humans, and if so - you'll have to wait some time, maybe they even have weekends(or maybe they don't have..)

  • StoyanStoyan Posts: 3



    I can understand that but f-secure has many users who see that my site is harmfull which is not true !

    I am not happy about it.

    In the forums I saw many sites like mine. In some time the answer is oh sorry it was a mistake. Smiley Happy

    Is there a way t o make things work faster ?





  • patetpatet Posts: 57

    According to VirusTotal:


    BitDefender domain information

    The URL domain/host was seen to host badware at some point in time



    Maybe its this since f-secure uses btidefender technology

  • StoyanStoyan Posts: 3

    According to this report my site is clean Smiley Happy


    Ok so what do I do to be rated safe site on f-secure and all f-secure user see my site as safe just like it is ?


    How can we speed up the whole process because this really is a very bad reputation.


    Thanks for your time.



  • manynemanyne Posts: 46

    Hi Stoyan,


    You can submit the sample or URLs to our Sample Analysis System to analysis. You can go to SAS. Sign up for free first so you can get the result of the submission.




  • ChrisBChrisB Posts: 1

    Hello Stoyan,


    Thanks for this report.


    The website has been rated as malicious due to a js file that has been found to be malicious last March 29. (<this part has been removed>/js.js) Upon checking it today, that malicious js has already been removed. Your website now has a safe rating.


    Our apologies for whatever inconvenience this has caused.

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