Unit Says no License Available - was previously protected


I have a Samsung S7 that has been under my SAFE license protection and today it is saying no license available.  It show up on my browser (main computer) as not having connected in the last two weeks.

And yet, the drop down on the smartphone (from the top) says "Your device is connected".





Update.  So it (SAFE on my smartphone) said I had to release a license so I released the license for itself and then it said it was protected.

My wife's phone also says not connected in two weeks, so I logged into hers, and thought I would have to do the same thing, but it logs into SAFE no problem and says it is protected.  But still on the browser side on my computer, it says not connected for two weeks.


  • FloridaJo
    FloridaJo Posts: 23 Enthusiast

    After clearing data cache, had to release the license and reconnect the license.

    Now it is connected.


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