F-Secure shell extension (context menu handler) crashing win10 on right-clicking anything


In the last 24 hours my win10 started crashing on right-clicking literally anything (files, folders) and I traced the problem to the F-Secure context menu handler with ShellExView. Which is to say, after first disabling all menu handlers and re-enabling them one by one and restarting explorer F-Secure was the only one causing the explorer crashes, and further it seems that only:


CppShellExtContextMenuHandler.FileContextMenuExt Class


is causing the problem, while:


FileContextMenu Class


seems to be fine. Luckily disabling the problem one doesn't remove the useful "Scan for viruses" context menu option so I'm content with this fix but I think it's way above the technical skills or problem-solving abilities of 95% of your users so hope a fix it forthcoming.


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