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Hello, I am really trying to like your service, but it is really terrible.
I have an active subscription to TOTAL for 10 devices. Only 8 of those are currently configured for FREEDOME.
When I try to install FREEDOME through my subscription for my current Mac laptop, it still insists that I put in a subscription code, even when I am doing it through my account.
I do not know where I can find that subscription code, as I renewed my subscription online and through Cleverbridge. They gave me a reference number which your system does not accept as a subscription code. So I do not have a subscription code that I can find.
What do I do to get my account/subscription to recognise the device I am installing FREEDOME on?


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    Hello @RDMrdm 


    Since the F-secure TOTAL is an account based program, where you can conveniently manage your SAFE service, view your subscription status and add your family members to your SAFE circle. And your subscription code adds time to your entire SAFE service. You can view your subscription status, expiration date, used licenses, and free licenses online.


    You don't need a subscription code to activate the Freedome or Safe. Please refer this KB article.

  • RDMrdm
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    Thanks for the reply, but this does not help me.

    I have done exactly what is required, but it does not prompt me for the device name and it only advises me that my subscription has expired.


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