Problem with shell extension after 17.6 update


After installing 17.6 (4.10.2187.0/SAFE) update from Elisa (Elisa Turvapaketti) this week I started to get strange issues like:

- Directory Opus file manager crashes when double clicking video files, DO resports issue to be in FsShellExtension64.dll

- Start menu (right click) Computer Management and many other tools don't start

Never had these before. And I was able to track the cause to be FsShellExtension64.dll, which I then diabled using ShellExView tool. That solved all those problems. But this is not a long term solution for the issue and I hope F-Secure can fix the isue, which seems to be only in 17.6 update as it did not appear in any older releases.


  • BryTGuy
    BryTGuy Posts: 1 New Member

    Same issue with v17.6



    CppShellExtContextMenuHandler.FileContextMenuExt Class Yes Context Menu Anti Virus Shell Extension Plug-in 20, 18, 282, 0 F-Secure Computer Security GUI F-Secure Corporation No No No No No No C:\Program Files (x86)\Charter Security Suite\apps\ComputerSecurity\FSGUI\FsShellExtension64.dll {BFD98515-CD74-48A4-98E2-13D209E3EE4F} 4/11/2019 3:16:27 PM 5/23/2019 7:22:34 PM No *, Directory, Drive A 321,504 No  No 

  • Repelsteel
    Repelsteel Posts: 1 New Member

    Same problem, contex menu in Win 10 crashes win 10. Disabling

    CppShellExtContextMenuHandler.FileContextMenuExt Class of F-Secure Corporation with ShellExView.exe repairs the issue...


    Regards, Repel

  • OldAndGrey
    OldAndGrey Posts: 1 New Member

    Same problem here. Wasted some hours to figure this out.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Based on recent beta (and its release notes), probably, such trouble is fixed for "beta" builds.

    But a bit unclear whether it is about this trouble or not (and when such a fix is rolls out to stable solutions).


    I do able to suggest contact their direct Support Channels (for example, chat):


    To ask them and maybe to receive help.


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