My hacker story and need for INTELLIGENT FIREWALL, not normal FIREWALL

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Hi my dear friend, thank a lot that you spent your time to answer me completely. I just tell this shortly that you know what I experienced: first I install badware app on my Samsung mob , then i realized that someone has access to my device and even his phone was in my Google account about 3 ,4 different phone, I became angry and I told him mother.F go out of my privacy,then he copied all my 3 years info, pic, bank card, ....everything...password of my 3 important Email and at the end he locked my phone. I flash my device but put those emails ( with to step verification sms)on device, efew weeks later I realized he was so busy with my laptop,first he changed ESET any.virus setting to do easily his dirty work.then he was admin and I simple user without much authority , he encrypted many very important files, delete some, and encrypt system files all over hard disk. Oh God disaster. And after 8...9 month I steel have a doubt that may be hi is doing some damage to my devices. I even don't know how he enter to my systems( flash mobile again, new emails) but after a while it's start with sign: the authority of folders drives, start to change windows ability come slow, many program don't work anymore ...etc.
Sorry for my long story
Maybe because of that I need a full protection ( strong and intelligent FIREWALL)why intelligent? Because it should check every in ,out, very deeply and find root of that file and approved it's health for sytem ,!! Otherwise 《nobody can , nobody have time and patience to check FIREWALL alarms about svchost permits to run!!! So all the people will say okkk it's absolutely for windows so ok access Grant!!!! Boom very easy hacker came to your system by faking trojan as a windows file. At the end my dear friends and Engineers, you tell me what should we do about this problem?

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    Hi @alexpower88 


    There are several safety precautions that users need to take to ensure maximum security on their devices. One of them is to avoid clicking on malicious links as well as downloading unknown files. Generally, you have to be able to filter spam mails from genuine ones and ultimately, get SAFE and Freedome installed. 


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    Hi my dear, thanks but things not so simple and easy when you are under attack off pro hacker who doesn't stop to hurt you and every new attack he or she use new method, I have very very interesting story about one of my experience with hacker so listen carefully: my brother he is software Eng. Told me behind the phone and very short because he was so busy...hey Hamid format hard drive make just one small partition with a windows and antivirus and put the rest of hard drive un allocated !! , nothing more and tell me what will be going on. I did it. Connect to my phone internet with hotspot as always.antivirus was Eset and on maximum protection after a while I received messages about FIREWALL permissions, I see windows update from Microsoft do I push Ok ! Efew seconds later same message again reapeated and I blocked and I just remember that I putted totally off windows update ! Oh my God what's going on ? I disconnected and push restat. Wow I saw windows show me please wait for update process finishing. End of story...when windows came up again i checked system and when open my computer!!! I see hacker did make 2 another partition with bigger size and now all of my hard drive is partitioned! How ? I got crazy
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