Freedome VPN cannot connect to any location within the US on Android cellphone and Windows 7 laptop

Thank you in advance for help with this. 


Freedome VPN cannot connect to any location within the US on Android cellphone and Windows 7 laptop. Both devices are physically located in the US and trying to connect to US servers using Freedome version 2.27.5861.0


Please advise.  Thanks again.




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    We had an outage with our North American servers approximately today (2019-05-23) between 01:40 - 06:00 UTC. While there were some servers at our North American locations that worked during that time, the majority of the servers were unavailable - and likely the ones which worked were slower than usual. 


    Once we found the issue causing this, the servers were brought back online and now they're working normally again. This was outage caused by a bug in our service; we're already working on investigating and fixing this for good. 


    We're very sorry for this issue, and will do our best to prevent this from happening again in the future.


    --Tapio/Freedome team



  • Im having the same issue. I can connect to locations outside of US like the UK but unable to connect to anything in the US. Sometimes it will act likes it's connected to a US location, but then there is no internet connection. My subscription is up to date as is my Freedome application.

    I a also using a Windows 7 machine and an Android phone.

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    Thank you for replying.


    I just tried to connect to the UK London and it did work.


    We willll use this as a workaround temporarily while the US servers are unable to connect. 


    By the way, having the same issue with the servers in Canada. Haven't tried any other countries yet.




  • Yes Im having the same experience. Canada does not work but UK does. But it is much slower then the US connections.

  • vpnsecurevpnsecure Posts: 4

    Interesting. I am not noticing a huge drop off in response time. 


    Thanks again for the follow up.


    Guess we'll have to see if the company can do anything about it. Hopefully they will push out a patch soon if required.

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    I'm having the same problem here in Canada, it won't connect to any of the Canadian servers ...

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    Yes, Freedome is completely gone for several hours.  Windows and Android, no difference.


    Not a good thing.  I hope sisu can help.

  • NarrSDNarrSD Posts: 24

    Tapio-team, thanks for your hard work --  we don't know  how much we depend on Freedome until we don't have it.


    A sure-fix will be very good, of course. But there's something else I feel strongly that you should look into.


    The problem is that we out in the world were blind. As far as I could find, there's no 'System Status' site, or anything else to communicate situations.


    Other  providers of web services commonly have a website on a completely separate and reliable physical server, so that they can provide status information generally at any time -- and messages of the situation and prognosis when problems occur.


    I hope you'll enjoy making such communication in future, thanks.

  • vpnsecurevpnsecure Posts: 4

    Server outages are unexpected and unanticipated; thank you for your timely response and summary of events. 


    As you can see from the immediacy of the response here during this partial outage, the f-secure freedome vpn is a valued resource for many. Thank you for creating such a useful tool and your ongoing efforts to ensure uptime.




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    I view this as North American discrimination and I'm offended for my fellow Americans and my Canadian brothers and sisters!  LOL

    I agree that some type of status page would be a great idea.



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