How do I change my subscription options?

Why can I not find and select Subscription in the top bar when logged in to My F-secure?


Below is the how F-secure describe the procedure.

  1. Log in to My F-Secure.
  2. On the My F-Secure page, select Subscription in the top bar.
  3. Under Current subscription, select Cancel your subscription.


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,604 Superuser



    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I tried to check it with F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure TOTAL.

    With desktop / laptop size of screen - "Subscription" is visible.

    Perhaps, with mobile devices (or small browser screen) - "Subscription" is not visible. To find it - need to choose "line or dots" (with my browser it was "placeholder") at right top corner.  Additional menu is visible. At the bottom - there was "Subscription".


    Good to know - what is your browser and device? In addition, does your experience is about F-Secure by direct channel or it is branded solution (by your IPS or so)?



  • Janne17
    Janne17 Posts: 4 New Member


    Thank you for indicating where to look but I still do not see it.

    My subscription is valid.and I have now tried

    Chromebook 11" screen , mobile device, windows 10 laptop 15"screen.
    Chrome and Microsoft Edge

    By mobile device through ISP  and to use only the mobile network connection. 

    Can you please explain your comment "need to choose line or dots"?


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,604 Superuser



    First of all, sorry for my English and unclear words!

    In addition, my experience and tries are based on "trial" account (F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure TOTAL).


    So, I tried with Windows 10 laptop 15.6" screen. Microsoft Edge.

    I login into My F-Secure Account (F-Secure SAFE trial account / subscription):


    Then, with full size of browser's window (Microsoft Edge) - my right top corner is "F-Secure Logo". Next line (right top corner) is "Subscription" | "user name".

    Next line is "days left" and available licenses.


    If window is resized to "small" - then right top corner is "three lines" (as symbol for "Settings"). By using this "button" - there is a menu with "Subscription"-option.

    Such a "symbol" for Settings was with broken view with my another browser (thus, I call it "line or dots" which need to choose with small browser window size).


    Sorry that I did not provide any screenshot. But, perhaps, it is possible to compare my words with your state.


    All in all, URL for "opened" Subscprition page is next:

    (however, maybe it is only for trial accounts. and valid subscriptions leads to another page).

    Could you try to open this URL directly when you are logged?

    Or to check further how your "right top corner" of My F-Secure Account page is looks like.



  • Janne17
    Janne17 Posts: 4 New Member

    Hello again,


    In right upper corner I have this
    - FSecure SAFE

    - Logged in as my name

    - Available licenses

    and My F-Secure say that I have a valid subscription.


    This link /portal/ does not exist when I tried


    Fascinating challenge. Do I really need to phone F-secure?
    I have not found anyone else in the community having my type of problem.
    For some reason I can not find "Subscription".


    Thanks for your help

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,604 Superuser



    So, sorry for my misleading suggestion (if so).

    I think that there is a misunderstanding or limitation. At least, maybe there can be additional details that are important.

    For example, "Subscription" is not always visible.


    Anyway, perhaps it is not always need to call them - but it is possible to use chat (webchat):

    (of course, when chat is available).


    By the way, if you want to cancel your subscription or to change it (from autorenewal to manual) - probably - good to contact their direct Channels anyway.




    // with my experience: only "" is valid URL. and "" is not.

    // and explanation about your "My F-Secure portal" is pretty described view that I have with beta F-Secure solution portal. Maybe the way how you purchased / received your subscription is important.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,604 Superuser



    Sorry for over the reply.

    One else suggestion (that I do able to imagine).


    F-Secure SAFE with kind of feature like "Circles":

    As quote about:

    The members of your MyF-Secure group won't see the devices of other members. Only you can see alldevices in your My F-Secure. 
    Note: When you invite afamily member or a friend to your My F-Secure group, they will have access tothe licenses that you have, but they will only be able to manage the licensesunder their account. You, as the organizer (main user), may release licenses ifyou wish to free them up

    Probably, when you are logged to the account (invited account) - it is not possible to get "Subscription"-item. And overall view can be as with your description.


    Could you check or think whether it is possible or not for your setting?



  • Janne17
    Janne17 Posts: 4 New Member



    I have tried portal/order link but I get "The page is not working".


    I do not have a Beta version.


    I need to contact F-Secure to get them to explain.



  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Janne17 


    In addition to @Ukko 's contribution, I would like to mentioned that the "subscription" tab will always be active if you login to My F-Secure as the main user of the account. 


    A sub-user will not be able to see that option, so I suspect that you are logged in as a sub-user and not as the main user. The reason for this is because, the "subscription" tab contains an overview of billing and payment history. 


    If you try the above suggestion and issue persists, you may contact our support, via chat/call, so we could further check for you.

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