Previous F-Secure activate F-Secure Anti-Virus code email has been lost Subscription end June 2019


Please can you help me, I have lost my previous for my F-Secure activate F-Secure Anti-Virus code email which is for my F-Secre Safe Anti virus (paid for) security software which was due to expire in June 2019.


Thank you


  • Ukko
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    I think that it is good to reach their Support Channels (chat, for example):

    Probably, you have to provide some further information for them (where / when / how purchased) during session.

    Of course, if your experience is about F-Secure Anti-Virus:


    Because, if it is "F-Secure SAFE" ( - then such action is not needed. Only requirement is to login into your account.

    But if such "code" was about renewal or something like that - then, yes, need to contact their Support for retreive and redeem it for your existed account.


    In addition, you can to try use their trial (thirty days) installation (F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure AV); since, maybe to contact Support on weekends may be tricky.


    Sorry for my unclear words. If anything should be explained: re-ask and I (or anyone else) will try to do so.



  • Jaims
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    Hi @AspieKatrine 


    In addition to @Ukko 's contribution, may I know if you currently have the product installed in any other PC? If yes, you can contact our support and provide the Account ID but if you purchased it from our website, you can also provide them with the email address used so we could retrieve your code for you. 

  • AspieKatrine
    AspieKatrine Posts: 5 Observer

    Thank you for your help. I have solved it by logging in my previous account using my yahoo email and password. 

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