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I am dissapointed that F-Secure makes it impossible to upgrade from Safe to Total. If I make a new account I can get Total for 2 years for $170 and the 'free' WIFI router. After wasting a good part of an hour I finally stumbled onto an upgrade option but I'm only offered 1 year and no router. Last time I renewed I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get a 2 year subscription.


I don't know why F-Secure provides a user-hostle environment for loyal continuing customers.

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    Hi @Chris3135 


    Sincere apologies on the inability to upgrade from F-Secure SAFE to TOTAL. It is indeed possible to upgrade. You might have contacted our support in cases such as this where it was impossible to upgrade from your end. Some SAFE subscriptions are not allowed to upgrade freely depending on promo description attached to it, one of such is Free Trial. 


    From time to time, our marketing department would rollout promotions for existing customers and some, for new customers. You could have still benefited from the promo you saw which included the router if you use a new email or contacted our support on further guidance on how to use your existing email address. 


    Hope this clarifies it?


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