I need help getting rid of the last Internet-Server/Security program so F-Secure will work


I've Windows Vista - Dell Inspiron  530S Intel Pentium Dual CPU E 222- @ 2.40 GHz  3:00 GB  32- bit Operating System.

I can fix things if given really good instructions, sometimes enough to keep my computer going blue but...... Most computer stuff is a little over my head.So I need a very patient person to help me if they can!:)

I'm trying to get rid of Shaw Secure as I just switched to Telus Satellite (with F-Secure), I can't download the new program until Shaw Secure is totally gone!

Sounds simple enough to get rid of the this Security program, but not here! I've done what I can, gone to Programs, did the uninstall  the program, tried to uninstall it over 12 times, I've done  forced uninstall's with" lObit Uninstaller" and that did not work. . I got a message  :  Detailed description: Unable to read the registry uninstallation parametres. Check that all the necessary values are in the products subkey in the uninstall key in the registry. This is beyond my knowledge( I am not ashamed to say) There is one thing I have been noticing since trying to get rid of this Program, it seems to be growing....

Yesterday when I tried to install it , it had 316 MB, then later that day it had 360 MB, then later it had 367 MB, and just a few minutes ago I looked at it in the IObit Uninstaller and it came up as the second largest program 551 MB ????

Can anyone can help me Please??It is 12:30am where I am and I'm tired and cranky, so I'm going to bed, I'll be back tomorrow evening to check in, probably around 8 or 9 Pm Pacific Standard Time-

Thankyou very much!



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    Hi Buggz,


    Could you please contact Shaw Secure to remove their application from your computer. I think that they might provide some uninstallation tool or manual removal instruction.

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