Freedome trusted network subnets?

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Hi, is there a trusted networks option on IOS devices? If so, how can I turn it on, if not, when will it be implemented?

Thanks for helping me out here


  • Sethu
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    Hello @es_21 


    Sorry for the delayed response, it took sometime for me to check the trusted feature information with backend team. They said the"Trusted Network" feature essentially creates a list of networks that you consider "safe" is not necessary for Freedome for iOS device, because the iOS typically allows connections to the local network addresses even when Freedome is ON. Having said that, this doesn’t always work, and equally because of Apple doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to control this kind of things, we can’t affect this.

  • es_21
    es_21 Posts: 7 New Member

    Hi, thank you for your answer. 

    What I’m looking for is implemented within NordVPN and Cyberghost f. e.

    It‘s working on my IOS devise without any problems. May be you check that?

    Anf furthermore: I just do not want Freedom to be always on and working in the background when I‘m at home.


  • es_21
    es_21 Posts: 7 New Member

    Thanks, but I want Freedom to disconnect when I‘m at home and automatically connect when I‘m not. I do not want Freedom to stay on the whole time since this  slows down the wifi connection speed.

  • es_21
    es_21 Posts: 7 New Member

    I just found this reply from 2014 in the forum:

    „This feature is in the roadmap. Cannot, however, commit to any exact schedule at this point.“ 

    5 years later nothing happened.

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