Why Freedome in MacOS is sluggish in setting up the VPN?

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When waking up my iMac, the MacOS version of Freedome is quite sluggish in setting up the VPN. It takes roughly a minute or so to get any actual network traffic flowing. If I put Freedome down when it's connecting, I get the networking up immediately. My Android and iOS devices don't seem to have such an initial delay despite using the same WiFi AP.


Just wondering if this unproductivity minute is an intended, common and known feature. It's quite irritating at least. My Mac is running the latest stuff, Freedome is 2.27.5861.0.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @TeroH 


    I found a similar post regarding this issue you are facing. Kindly click here to have a look at it. 

  • TeroH
    TeroH Posts: 18 Enthusiast

    That was the previous version of my problem. It went away in the first version of Mojave, but that did not last long and returned in the next update in a bit different form. Now it's never refusing altogether and the stupid-long waits are gone, but still, there's the typical one minute wait before the VPN is ready. In rare cases there may not be any waiting at all, which makes me believe that something is not going right most of the time.


    How long should it take typically to set up a VPN in a cable network when there are no other network issues present? Other Freedome users, what is your experience on this? Would it be possible to get some information directly from the Freedome team?

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