My VPN does not work


  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @Linda500 


    May I know the version of your F-secure Freedome? and name of the operating system running on your device?


    Are you getting any error message while turning Freedome ON?

  • Linda500
    Linda500 Posts: 5
    • Thanks
    • I manage to fix it sp now it is working again.
    • But now problem cannot cast to chromcast on TV from my IPad.
  • Linda500
    Linda500 Posts: 5

    Thanks for your replay, now I know so I can check how it works


  • Linda500
    Linda500 Posts: 5

    No it is working now

  • Head straight to this article about free vpn. The one form here might really help.

  • I adore it when people simply inform other something doesn't work. Details are for the weak. Try another free vpn then, maybe it will work.

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