SAFE too many "downloads scanned for threats"


The latest F-SEcure SAFE update added the feature that SAFE now tells you what it has been doing, how many websites it has scanned, how many files it has scanned, and how many download it has scanned for threats.

However, it tells nothing about what these downloads are. Yesterday, after Firefox sent the patch for their problem about add-on's turning off, SAFE correctly told that it had scanned one new download (the Firefox patch), but after that update had already been over, SAFE's counter went wild, jumping fast to 28.

At the same time, there was one Windows update, altough even that had stopped downloading before SAFE stopped counting, and after Windows update had been completed (by restart), SAFE counted one more download that it had scanned.


I have no idea what might have made these over 20 downloads, as the SAFE doesn't tell anything. Windows "apps and programs" (I'm not sure of the official English version, but I mean the program that tells you what programs are installed) recognizes only two programs having updated themselves (judging by the installation date), Firefox and Microsoft Store, so not 20 new updates.


I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues? Does SAFE tell you your computer has made dozens of downloads without any seeming reason?


Does anyone know any way to find out what these downloads are? Maybe there is some further place (in lack of a better word) in Windows where it tells you what has been downloaded lately? And why doesn't SAFE just give this information?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Have you tried clicking on the actual number for each of the stats?

  • Tiedoton
    Tiedoton Posts: 9 Observer

    I tried it, it doesn't do anything other than minimize the kind of "pop-up window" that opens when you click the bar on the bottom of the SAFE "home page" or whatever it is called. The bar rotates each of the statistics one at a time, the pop-up window shows them all at the same time, clikcing bar/window just minimizes or maximizes it. Does it do something else for you? Are you using some other version of SAFE?

  • Cale
    Cale Posts: 288 F-Secure Product Manager

    If you click the ? button at the corner, the help tells you more about the statistics. E.g. for downloads:
    "The number of files that the product has scanned in incoming internet traffic, before they are stored on your computer. In addition to files that you download through your web browser, this also includes files that are downloaded in the background, for example update packages that the browser downloads automatically."

  • Tiedoton
    Tiedoton Posts: 9 Observer

    Thank you Cale, but I already knew that.


    Problem is, that just like today (again) SAFE declares that is has scanned yet two other incoming downloads; however, nothing indicates that anything has been updated anywhere on the computer. If these downloads don't have anything to do with updating any known software, what is their purpose?


    SAFE should just keep a list of the downloaded files it has scanned and/or what program has done the downloading. Otherwise it just looks like something is downloading files on my computer without my permission, which doesn't seem legitimate.

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