F-Secure Safe Browser Website Settings clear doesn't clear the names of the visited websites

Why one can only delete website data and location permissions from Safe Browser on Android? After running the following steps, Safe Browser only deletes website data and location permissions but it still keeps a list of the web pages visited:


Safe Browser -> Settings -> Advanced -> Website Settings -> Clear all -> Delete all website data and location permissions? -> OK


I still have over 50 pages on the list after running the steps above.


If someone would get access to my phone, they could still easily list many web pages I have visited even though all delete steps have been done. At the moment only option to delete the web pages from the list is to reinstall F-Secure Safe to Android, which is not a very good solution.


Would it be possible to have delete also available for the web sites listed?


F-Secure Safe version: 17.6.0114380

Browser version: 2.0-454-g218bd3a

Android version: 7.0


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,556 Superuser



    It is also discussed there:

    My experience is not changed (but list with much more items already - ten items against up to three items). I did not find any explanation yet.



  • Viper99
    Viper99 Posts: 5 Observer

    Thanks Ukko. I contacted F-Secure about this issue about a year ago. They did not know how to remove the websites from the list. Only thing they suggested was to reinstall F-Secure safe to my Android.


    I was hoping that there would be some proper fix already but these things take time :)



  • Viper99
    Viper99 Posts: 5 Observer

    I contacted F-Secure again today. Here is what they replied.


    This is a known bug. At the moment only fix for this issue is to reinstall F-Secure Safe on Android. Next F-Secure Safe version comes at the end of the month but it is not known yet that will there be fix for this issue or not.


    Support guys didn't have official info that when the fix will be available.

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Viper99 


    Thank you for flagging this issue.


    We have notified the relevant team and hopefully a fix will be released as soon as possible.


    Sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. 

  • preppy-skeptic
    preppy-skeptic Posts: 17 Observer

    Can you please scroll down the list and confirm that ALL entries in the list report zero storage? That might mean that the list is there, but the trackers are gone.

    That is, if "zero" really means 0,00000.... and doesn't mean "up to 0.1 MB", which is the minimum nonzero value. For what I know, a list of zero storage items could be a list of items with small but extant and functioning tracker globs.

    I have several zero storage items at the beginning of the list, but if I scroll down I find several that report up to a few MB of permanently stored code.

    When I try to get rid of them, not only the list is unaffected, many items still report non-zero storage use.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,556 Superuser

    Just as my own feedback:

    --- with my current experience and installation / device:

    -- ten entries;

    -- most of entries with "0" value (no words about "up to" or so).

    -- two entries with some size:

    - source[.]android[.]com with "1.4 MB"

    - Google Search with "9.6 MB".



  • preppy-skeptic
    preppy-skeptic Posts: 17 Observer
    Thank you, it perfectly matches my experience. 👍

    The non-functionality of the clearing facility shows a soll/ist conflict and casts doubts on all sorts of semantics.
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