I paid for renewal on 15th April 2019 and I am getting messages that I need to renew. What is going on and if this is not resolved by the 26th April I want a refund.


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    Hello @Skiperd 


    Based on your email address, I can see your latest order for Freedome renewal made through F-secure store. You can find the new subscription code (12 digit ) from your order confirmation email. You need to activate that code manually on your Freedome VPN.  To do so,


    For Windows/Android/ Mac: Open F-secure Freedome> Click/tap On Subscription from the menu list on the left pane> Click/tap Have a code? to activate using a subsription code.


    For iOS: Click here to see the activation steps.

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    My renewal is apparently working but I am getting messages from ITV hub BT Sport and Sky sport blocking me because I am outside of UK. Now I paid for my renewal but your app is clearly not working if these companies can detect that I am outside of the UK what are you as a company going to do to resolve it?

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    Hello @Skiperd 


    I found similar this thread for the same issue.  


    If both the Sky and BT sports were working with Freedome VPN before renewal, but not now, it can also be temporary blocking and you can wait for sometime i.e a weak . Or You could also contact the streaming company to change their VPN blocking policy.

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