Report false positives from within Policy Manager

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It would be helpful if I could report false positives (virus, DNS request) directly via the Policy Manager by using the context menu.


Current situation:

- See false positives in PM

- Copy that information

- Open website for reporting false positives

- Enter personal details, choose from drop downs, paste copied information

- Send/Create ticket


Proposed solution

- See false positives in PM

- Right click on one or multiple items

- Click on "Report as false positives"


PS: F-Secure Support told me to report it here (in Home Security area) even though this is about PM.


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    Thank you for your feedback/suggestion.

    Our Business Community has moved to where you can ask questions in the forums and find solutions in the Knowledge Base articles.

    For Feature Requests and product improvement suggestions, kindly contact your Account Manager to provide such contributions.

    Thank you.

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