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I have a OnePlus 5 (A5000) with the F-Secure Freedome VPN installed. Since updating to the most recent version of Android I have found that it has been turning itself off at unpredictable intervals. Sometimes overnight. The program is still running, but the VPN is set to Off. First time I thought I'd just accidentally turned it off, but it happened again - it was definitely on last night and off when I woke up this morning. It seems to have only started happening since I updated to the most recent version of Android (9) and OxygenOS (9.0.4)


Any thoughts or ways of preventing it turning off? This is quite concerning.


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    Hi @RPB 


    May I know if you have tried to uninstall and reinstall Freedome VPN on this Android device? Also check if you have the Automatic Killswitch option ticked. 


    You may also refer to this article for a possible solution to this problem.

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    Thanks for your reply


    I do have the kill switch turned on. I looked at the post you suggested but it is no help - it refers to different problems.


    Should clarify here - when this happens Freedome is still running, it hasn't stopped.


    But it had turned itself to the OFF setting, while still running.


    I will uninstall and reinstall Freedome as you suggest and see if it happens again.

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