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F-secure's website has a clean and modern look.  It seems like it should be easy to find what I want, but I seem to continue to have a hard time finding what I want.  I cant' really describe what the problems are, but two areas come to mind.


The business and home sections seem to be intermixed in a confusing manner. 


The sample submission is confusing as well.  The file, url, and browsing sections should be combined.  Aren't you using the same database and hueristics for all of them?  


When I submit something I don't have an option of "I don't know what it is, but it looks suspicious" and is "malware" really differnt from "spyware" ?  


When I submit a URL I don't get any feedback or tracking.  


How do I submit a suspicious e-mail that has questionable links?  Do I submit the url's?  Do I save the email as a file and submit that?  If it has an attachment do I submit that and any links seprately?


I have submitted stuff that has to have been phishing emails in the past and they all show as green ok sites in sample analysis.  Some I know were labeled as bad by some of your competitors.

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    Hi JimlnKS

    We appreciate your feedback and it has been delivered to the correct persons when you wrote us even though you haven't received any personal feedback. Thank you!


    Regards from ElseH

    The Community Manager

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    I tend to agree with the claim that the website is hard to navigate, both the PSB portal and the main site.  I've worked with it enough now that I can mostly find my way around, but it is not easy.  I don't have any specific recommendations though.  If you do ever decide on a major re-vamping, please have as a major goal making it easier for resellers to use - as those in the field responsible for administering these products.  In particular, having more educational support rather than marketing material would be helpful, to me at least.

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    This request is no longer relevant. Our website has gone through many changes.


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