Freedome, iPhone Xs and WiFi issue

I have upgraded to an iPhone XS and when I have VPN active I cannot get onto WiFi, any ides what I should do?

thanks and regrads


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  • SethuSethu Posts: 642 Moderator
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    Hello @Steve11 


    Have you tried to switch your network on your device? i,e wifi to mobile data 4G


    However, you can try disable the Use IKEv2 feature to check whether the issue still reproduce.


    Open Freedome app>  Settings > Turn Off Use IKEv2


  • Steve11Steve11 Posts: 2

    Hi Sethu, thanks for your response. I have solved the problem by switching to IKEv2 then back to IKEv1 and it appears to have done the trick and I can now get WIFI whilst Freedome is active

    thanks again


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