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Can I select a VPN location other that selecting by touching my tablet screen? My tablet touch screen has failed, working with a mouse it works almost as well. However, it only selects locations shown on screen, when using the mouse wheel to get to 'UK London' it will not select. 


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    Sounds that your topic is about F-Secure Freedome VPN.

    If so - there is a Community board about F-Secure Freedome:

    I am not sure that such concern was discussed before! And, perhaps, it is limited to Android(?!) or iOS(?!) application's functionality for certain items / elements of user interface. Or is it Tablet PC?


    I think that there are not so many workarounds with such a situation. Only research on the web (any other stories about another application and when touchscreen is broken and mouse is used instead).

    Or to receive attention from F-Secure Community Teams or another more experienced users. Maybe your topic can be moved to related board (but if not - it is possible to create another one under related board for more visible state for Community).

    In addition, it is possible to contact their official Support channels (for example, chat):

    But it is possible to suspect that "touching tablet screen" is designed step to choose location. But what if Support with suggestion how to emulate it.



  • Visa73
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    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I fear it's a slippery slope to buying another expensive tablet.

  • Jaims
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    Hi @Visa73 


    You would need to have a direct contact with your screen in other to make changes to the F-Secure Freedome VPN servers via the menu tab. You might want to consult the manufacturer of your device if there is an alternative way of remotely accessing it, else, a fix or replacement is imminent.

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