f-secure icon (task bar) without any functions



since today the f-secure icon in the taskbar (right corner) doesn't work anymore. No context menu, no start of the f-secure interface. The desktop icon works fine.

What happened?

How can I "refresh" the icon without booting the pc?

Thanks for the help.


(Windows 8.1. x64)


  • MNielsen
    MNielsen Posts: 70 Active Engager

    Did the reboot help? Or, if it's the very first time, you are using F-Secure, then it CAN also be because when the computer is just started, it will take a bit time for F-Secure to get to work. Just wait only a few seconds - then, F-Secure is up and running. It has allways been a bit "slow" after starting the computer... Smiley Happy 

  • vmac
    vmac Posts: 7 Observer

    Thanks for the answers. After booting the PC the problem did not reappear. Maybe it was an isolated case.

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