Hidden malware in Telia Mail

Hidden malware in along the telia mail somwhere and is copying and downloading everything from log in details bank details and pin numbers till Credit cards........help!


Just put it all in the subject box.....=))


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure (their home solutions).


    Maybe it is good to provide a little be more information or to explain some things.

    For example, what are the main suspicions  that there is a hidden malicious software? Is it pinned to some mail letters (with such subject / concern) to your telia mail (which are received by you)? If so - maybe it is hoax or rogue try.


    But, in general, good to perform full scanning by security solution. Then to doublecheck installed browser extensions / addons.

    And, maybe, to check list of installed system applications. Good to keep system and most of applications are up-to-date.


    By the way, what is your OS / device (Windows / Mac / Android / iOS)?

    Based on your description - trouble is something about "keylogger"? Or remote access to your system.


    Before any futher steps, all in all, good to create a "clean" back up of your important and critical data / files / information.


    If your experience is about F-Secure solution - there is ability to contact their official Support Channels (chat as example):

    Sorry for my English!



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