F-Secure Freedome VPN 1 year License (Code) -chip.de -does not work!

On 24.12.2018 I received a valid F-Secure Freedome from chip.de free of charge from the advetskalender action, which is valid until 28.12.2019. Unfortunately I can not use this code. I only get 4 days trial! Mind you this was only intended for a device and not been used before! Properly a legal code but anschneined tacitly by F-Secure all our code was transferred to blacklist otherwise I can not explain this to me that is unfair! Regrettably, neither F-Secure nor chip.de help. I have written to chip.de editorial they also do not answer! I appeal to responsible two contact persons chip.de and F-secure! F-Secure must finally act, why does not anyone help?


  • SethuSethu Posts: 719 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @Azalea 


    I found similar this thread, and this is something we need to find the subscription details, so I would recommend to get in touch with our F-secure support to know more about Subscription key status for Freedome.

  • AzaleaAzalea Posts: 4

    Hello @Sethu thank you for your nice answer. The recommended thread I had already read has helped me unfortunately nothing else. The second alternative to get in touch with the support is to be expected with very high costs, here in the country where I am currently staying do not offer support to contact nearest Germany I unfortunately miss the funds. A support rather than e-mail customer proximity to contact only way to position only with the call center, I can not understand. However, I know that you can not move much in that respect.

  • SethuSethu Posts: 719 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @Azalea 


    You can still reach our Live Chat Support is available 24/7  for Consumer Product and its free of charge. You can able to see the Chat Support Window( blue colour when agents avaialble, Grey colour if no agents available)  in bottom right corner from the Support page. 

  • AzaleaAzalea Posts: 4

    With great pleasure I can report, so that my problem was solved by F-Secure Customer Care. Thank you for all the community and others.

  • nognumnognum Posts: 2

    (using this thread - cause correlating to same problem)


    same problem here, a freedome 1 year-license from chip.de in 12-2018 (advent-deal). The given code has never ever been used - no(!) device!!. Now tried to use it on a win7_32-system - with no previously installed freedome on this system. And installer generates the above mentioned error, screen:



    "code not correct..."

    all given infos here + in this thread (= very similar error)

    does not help. Not 1 mm.

    An unused code is not functioning - why?!? How can that be - and what to do?

  • nognumnognum Posts: 2

    me again.

    no answer - no signal of a halfway good support. a bit astonishing, not so very convincing...

    so I tried the chat-option. that works - finally. contact, question to nonfunction-code, answer what could be reasons. getting solution, end of chat.

    => fast, actual, effective. Smiley Happy

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