Firewall blocks boxee box




I`m having some trouble with the F-secure firewall and the Boxee Box-streamer. When I turn off the firewall, Boxee Box finds my computer (on my home network) but not when I use any of the other standard-settings like "normal" or "home". Any idea how to go about this? I tried to include a rule that opened up three ports I found on a forum regarding Boxee, but it didn`t make any difference (ports 137-139). I may have done this wrong of course. I also tried to set up the firewall with my own rules, so to speak, but as I haven`t a clue what to include or not, I dropped it.

Hope you can help.

Regards, Stig 


  • steve_j
    steve_j Posts: 5



    Can you please tell me if you are getting any kind of error.

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