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Two days ago I bought a new subsciption to Freedome for my updated Windows 10 computer. I had used it about 3-4 years ago but not since. I updated my installation and started it up. I can see that it has changed my IP address but none of the statistics the Freedome lists - traffic protected, harmful sites blocked, tracking attempts blocked, none of those have changed at all in the two days that I have been using it. Is it working properly? Should I do a complete unistall and then re-install? If I do that, will it count as another one of my 3 allowed installs?


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    Hello @ronz 


    FREEDOME allows you to change your geo-location IP  to another country as you are changing/choosing your own virtual location which has different IP address.


    The statistics of Freedome features you are talking about is, please ensure that you have Tap Protection OFF in the middle of the screen. Freedome is now turned ON and check those feature again. If your Freedome is already ON, but still not sure how to check those features.


    Browsing protection :  did you try visit any harmful website? because when you go to a web site that may contain harmful content, you will see a notification that Freedome has blocked the site. Freedome's browsing protection statistics show you how many harmful sites Freedome has blocked.


    Please have a look of this KB article to know more about Tracking Protection, and this KB aticle for Anti-tracking feature.


    If none of the above works, you can then try to re-install the Freedome. For multi-platform subscription, you can able to transfer the license multiple times until expiry date. For instance, if you have a valid subscription with 5 FREEDOME licenses, and you have used the subscription code with 5 devices, then these 5 licenses are all in use. If you then install FREEDOME on a 6th device, and insert your subscription code, the app prompts you to transfer a license.


    FREEDOME allows you to perform a license transfer a maximum of 4 times during a 7-day period. When you reach this limit, you are unable to transfer a license for 7 days from the first transfer.






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    Still not working. The Traffic Protected stat is changing, but the Harmful Sites Blocked and Tracking Attempts Blocked are not changing at all. I also use WebRoot Secure Anywhere and have the Open DNS servers manually configured on IPV4. I connect via a wired connection to a cable modem. I ran the AMTSO free tests, Freedome blocked access to four of the specially configured test pages but it did allow me to access the Phishing test page and allowed me to access and download the file on the Drive-By Malware test page although WebRoot flagged the download as malicious. So Freedome did block 4 of the harmful sites in that test, but the statistics did not update to reflect that. With Freedome turned off my computer fails ALL of those tests but WebRoot does flag all of the downloaded files. That's as far as I have gotten with troubleshooting this. By the way I also use this on an Android tablet and it seems to be updating the stats normally. Can I ask where these statistics are stored?

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    Hello @ronz 


    We would recommend to get in touch our F-secure support in order to investigate further.

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