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Dear All,


My subscription is up for renewal soon and so far i am quite happy with the combined benefits of F secure system - SAFE and Freedome.


My only question has been around logging policy. I was looking at a forum where they rate VPN's - Freedome scores well - but it does mention that Fsecure will store  IP address logs and Connection logs.  There are other VPN's which are able to provide complete no logging.


Is this something the F-Secure team would be looking into please to make the product more robust? Or generally is this not something we should be concerned about


I can give a link to that article if that's of interest.




  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @rulz80 


    Thank you for being our valued customer, F-Secure does not log or store any of your data, or connect any related information to you in any way. Please have a look at this article and see more information about what happens when you use VPN.

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