I just realized that I have been relying on Windows 7 (X64) to protect me from the evil world on the IPV6 side. My IP recommended F-Secure, looks like a great program.


The problem, it keeps my computer from getting IPV6 info from the router. If I uninstall F-secure and turn back on Windows firewall, all goes back to working.


Is F-secure blocking DHCPv6?


I have way more computer then I need and only play games rarely so I am not worried about overhead unless it takes me back to 80286 days.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance!



  • Jouni
    Jouni Posts: 135 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Patrick533,


    Please try and change the IPv6 filtering options to "Normal" from:

    Settings -> Network connections -> Firewall -> Settings -tab -> Select IPv6 traffic filtering options

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