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Good morning, folks, Brian Zolo here in Gahanna, Ohio, USA.  I'm a totally blind computer user using jaws for windows version 2019 (jaws is an acronym for job access with speech).  I just installed f-secure safe and even during the install, I needed to use the jaws ocr feature to properly read some install choices.  Once I got f-secure safe installed, I'm not able to tab through choices in common settings and have jaws read the correct information.  My goal is to work together with the folks at f-secure so that f-secure safe has much better accessibility for foks who not only use jaws for windows but either use microsoft narrator or nvda to access f-secure safe.  I have been using f-secure online scanner which works very well so wanted to try f-secure safe as the f-secure online scanner did an awesome job of cleaning my wife's computer and then when the computer restarted re-scanned the computer again to make sure that it was clean.  My wife is also totally blind and uses jaws for windows as well.  I'm going to be installing f-secure safe on her machine as well.  It's getting harder and harder to find antivirus programs that are very accessible for thos of us who use assistive technology products; that's why alot of blind windows ten users use microsoftwindows defender which is built into the operating system because it is very accessible.  I'd like to have the  opportunity to have the same accessibility and successfully use f-secure safe.  I'm certainly willing to help test any accessibility improvements made so that we can work together to make f-secure an even better and more accessible security product.  My home e-mail address is and my work e-mail address is  Thanks so much for the opportunity to submit this feature request.      


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    We have switched UI technologies and the now used .NET framework supports better accessibility features. We have done our best to test our product with screen readers and such, but if you still feel that there is room to improve, please let us know.


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