Code for an 18 month subscription only gives 366 days of subscription

I just bought the SAFE package for 3 devices at a retailer nearby with a subscription period of 18 months.

After entering the code manually it tells me now that my already existing subscription has been extended by 366 days. So now I miss half a year of subscription I have paid for! 



  • Simon
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    At a guess, I'd say you need to take this up with the retailer.

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    // added: as an addition to the proposal to talk with retailer.


    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Sounds strange, indeed. But, except for a clear mistake with backend, maybe good to doublecheck if there was any terms or limitations for such activation / subscription code.

    I think that during workhours - you can get a response from F-Secure Team. But as try to boost up situation - you can try to use their official Support Channels (for example, chat) even on weekends:

    Also, I think that most subscription troubles (or activation codes / keys and related troubles) are the most critical; and it is not always possible to sort them out there (public community). So, official Support Channel is always more useful (possible to check state of your subscription, activation code and to receive certified advice on subject).



  • I guess there is a mistake between the code in the box and the backend mapping on f-secure side.

    The outside of the box tells me clearly 18 months (so I guess also my retailer cannot do anything here) but using the code within the box gives me only 366 days.


    So based on this and as I haven't found any solution yet here, I will try to get in direct touch with their support as soon as they are available again (for my local area), so Mo-Fr.



  • Simon
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    Was the retail box sealed?  It just crossed my mind as to whether the product might have been previously registered, then returned to the retailer?

  • Yes it was sealed. A big nice box containing only this small code written on the inside Smiley Wink

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